tisdag 6 september 2011

Carhartt news!

Big shipment from Carhartt this week. It´s one of the bigger players in streetwear so expect great pants, warm jackets, sweat/tees and shirts.  This is a closer look at the shirts.

Check the full line online here.

Carhartt L/S Hazen Shirt 75€ (749Sek)

Carhartt L/S Keeler Shirt 79€ (799Sek)

Carhartt L/S Hazen Shirt 75€ (749Sek)

Carhartt Simbley Shirt 89 (899Sek)

Carhartt L/S Winder Shirt 99€ (999Sek)

Carhartt L/S Howdy Shirt 79€ (799Sek)

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