söndag 7 augusti 2011

The Hundreds headquarter visit!

Later on Friday, we went downtown LosAngeles to the old "Fashion district", where TheHundreds is headquarter is located.

They have grown some, since we visited them last time. But all the same nice guys are still on board!
Check out this pictures from the TH tour:

Some Usugrow art on the walls..

Ben the Boss walking us through the building..
Showroom and meeting rooms in that all black TH "Jags" style.
Going out to the warehouse..
Even Bobby showed up.
The new Fall deliveries being packed up (coming to Caliroots nex week!).
Per got some TH love.
Yes, there was one TH guy missing..
Scotty !

Thats it folks!
It sure was nice meeting you all, some interesting plans was set in motion.. stay tuned...

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