torsdag 8 oktober 2009


FUCT is the brainchild of artist/graffiti writer Erik Brunetti (aka DEN ONE). The company is responsible for introducing to the world the “Planet of The Apes” printed t-shirts in 1993, using Viet-Nam war & German WWII inspired graphics, and the recent hand-drawn rock’n’roll iconography pieces. Drawing it’s roots in early skate-boarding and graffiti culture as well as punk-rock music, FUCT has maintained a steady cult following over the years. The brand has also attracted artists and musicians such as Keith Richards, Julian Schnabel,Robert Flynn Larry Clark and members of thrash metal band Slayer.

Tees 399:- sek / 39€

Longsleev 599:- sek / 59€

Hoods 999:- sek / 99€

Crewnecks 999:- sek / 99€

Fuct online at

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  1. Sjukt kul att se att ni fått in dom nya tröjorna med Brian Plebani trycken. Dom är fantastiska!