onsdag 9 september 2009

Yo know what time its is, G-shock Time!

On every cool kids arm since the 80s G-shock has always been the choice of the casual street wear generation. We just got a new bunch of styles to the Original Cali Store. Not from Stockholm? These will be online soon too! 

G-shock GLX 5500 1499 Sek (149€)
Baby G 1199 Sek (119€)
G-shock G 5500TS 1799 Sek (179€)
G-shock G2900 1099 Sek (109€)
G-shock GW6900 1299 Sek (129€)
G-shock GW6900 1299 Sek (129€)
Baby-G 1199 Sek (119€)

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