onsdag 16 september 2009

New Undefeated Fall 09

We just got a delivery of nice sturdy hoods and crewnecks from undefeted. Undefeated one of the moste celebrated brands and store in the streetwear scene! Based around american sneaker and sports culture Undefeted has always been on top of their game. We just got in a big collection of sweatshirt garments check it out! 

Univestity Crew Raglan 999 Sek (89€)
Full Zip Hood 1199 Sek (109€)

Varsity Raglan hood 1099 sek (99€)

Atlethics Jacket 1799 Sek (169€)

Full Crew 899 sek (79€)

Sweatpants 999 Sek (89€)

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