fredag 18 september 2009

Play Cloths fal 09 is here!

Rap duo The clipse from Virgina in southern USA not only sell millions of records, they have their own banging clothing lable. The label is called Play Clothes and we got it all in check. Fall 09 is in store right now. Quit browsing the web and get down to the store! Ok if you wanna browse on go over here!

All tees 399 Sel (39€)

First one who send me a mail and can name where this logo is ripped from and atleast one of the videogame characters Adam Tensta has inked on his arm gets a price! Send mail to and write magnus is a video game nut in the topic!
Hood 1099 Sek (109€)
Jacket 1299 Sek (129€)

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